Using Smart Technology For Heat Pumps

 A heat pump is regarded as the most energy efficient form of electrical heating for a home. It has been seen that for every amount of electricity that is burnt on the usage of a heat pump, the amount of heat that is received is far higher. In fact, using a heat pump seems a better choice than using a fire because it gives a cleaner air. However, it is important to use a correctly sized heat pump for your home in order to get maximum efficiency and it is also necessary to install it correctly.

 The next question that might come to your mind is about the functionality of heat pumps. Heat pumps or reverse cycle air conditioners work in the same way as refrigerators do but in a reverse way that is to heat your home. It brings warm air from the outside air and transfers it to the inside of the house with the help of a sophisticated compressor, fan, and refrigerant gases. Here it must be noted that the need of the hour is to transform to greener forms of energy so that we have an environment that is free from pollution. However, Smart grids or Intelligent Network is not possible without smart appliances like heat pumps that react to the supply and demand of energy.

 An air-source heat pumps seems a far better choice than a heat pump that uses electrical energy. This is because an air-source heat pump is more energy efficient than an electrical heat pump. When an air-source heat pump is installed properly it can deliver higher amounts of heat energy than the amount of energy that it consumes. This is so because these heat pumps move energy instead of burning heat just like combustion heating system does. These air-source heat pumps can be used almost in all the regions of the US. In recent times the advanced technology embedded in them are making them usable even in extremely cold regions.

 Now let us have a look at the factors that is making the present day heat pumps more energy efficient. They are the following:

The Compressor: Previously heat pumps had only one speed compressors and ran at high speed all the time thus consuming more energy. Nowadays the compressors of the heat pump have two speeds and run at low speed most of the time and transits to a higher speed when required.

 Motor Speed: Heat pumps that have dual-speed or variable-speed fans and blowers can increase the comfort level and reduce the energy consumption at the same time. This is because they operate at a speed which is as per the temperature requirement of the house. Hence, they are not running at a high speed thus enabling energy savings.

De super heater: A heat pump that comes equipped with a de super heater reduces the cost of water heating during the cold season. In this system when the water is in cooling mode it recycles the waste heat and re purposes it to heat the water required by a household.

Backup Heating: When it is not possible to draw heat from the outside air during the extreme winter temperatures, improved heat pumps have combustion burners that run on propane and natural gas. These heat pumps are a lot more efficient than the standard as well as the traditional heat pumps.



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