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24 VAC Adapter Power for LS-60i and LS-90i


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LockState Connect 24VAC power adapter will provide power to the LS-60(i) and LS-90(i) Internet Capable Thermostats from any standard electrical outlet. This adapter can be used if you do not have an existing C-Wire coming up from your furnace to your thermostat. This transformer converts 110VAC to 24VAC for use with LS-60(i) and LS-90(i) thermostats. Simply connect one end to the Rh terminal and the other end to the C terminal. You can connect either wire to either terminal (there is no polarity).

  • Ideal for adding a single thermostat that requires 24VAC to your new or existing system
  • Used for providing efficient and continuous power to camera, thermostat, or other 20VAC items
  • Operates at 120 VAC rated input and 24 VAC rated output
  • 244 in. Power cord length



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