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 Before we get into any further discussion the first thing that we need to understand is what does HVAC technicians do? HVAC technicians are basically heating, air conditioning and refrigeration mechanics and installers. They mainly work on heating, ventilation, cooling and refrigeration systems that control the indoor air quality in different kinds of buildings. They have to work in residential buildings, schools, hospitals, office buildings or factories. Most of the times it is seen that the worksite in which they work are extremely cold or hot because either the heating or cooling system has gone bad or they need to repair it. It is also common for them to work in cramped spaces.

 The tasks which an HVAC technician commonly takes up include the following:

• Travel to work sites
• Follow blueprints or other design specifications in order to install or repair HVAC appliances
• Connect the systems to water supply lines, fuel, air ducts and various other components
• They also install electric wiring and test for a proper operation of the appliance
• They check each of the components of the appliance to find out if it needs a repair
• Finally they replace or repair the damaged components of the system
• A HVAC professional also checks the ventilation efficiency of the system and makes adjustment accordingly

 The tools which are commonly used by HAVC technicians are screw drivers, wrenches, pipe cutters and other basic hand tools while they are installing a system. In order to check the efficiency of the appliance they may use more sophisticated tools like carbon monoxide testers, voltmeters, combustion analyzers, and acetylene torches. Here it must be noted that when HVAC professionals have to deal with air conditioners and refrigeration systems they should comply with government regulations. This means they should follow rules regarding conservation, recovery and recycling of refrigerants.

 The second question that arises is why people should make HVAC profession a career choice. One of the prime reasons is the growing job opportunity in this particular field. In the recent years the demand for HVAC professionals have grown considerably making it a lucrative career choice. In fact, job security is another reason as to why more number of people wants to become a HVAC technician. What is the reason for growth in HVAC profession? The older HVAC appliances are not as efficient as the new ones. Moreover, there is a rage among people to go green. Hence, they are installing newer systems which are more energy efficient. At the same time, as people today are more aware they take care about the maintenance of their HVAC systems. As a result, the installation work along with maintenance activities has grown more than ever, creating a higher demand for the HVAC professionals.

 Last but not the least, if an individual can become an expert HVAC technician there will never be dearth of jobs.



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