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 You must be surprised of the fact that underfloor heating is more effective than the traditional radiators or hot air heating systems. Moreover the entire concept is more affordable than the other forms of heating and keeping you warm during the chilled winter days. The next question that might come to your mind is how do underfloor heating work? In radiant floor heating warm water generally flows through plastic tubing called PEX which in turn is located underneath or within the floors. The best thing about this system is that the PEX effectively carries warm water into specific areas of the home so that the people along with the objects in the room are effectively heated.

 Besides the PEX tubing the other integral components of radiant floor heating are heat source, pumps, manifolds and controls. In case of a hydronic radiant floor heating the heat source is typically a boiler or a hot-water heater. In addition to these other heat sources can also be used like the geothermal or solar sources of energy. One of the greatest benefits of radiant floor heating is that as it can be zoned so one can set temperatures accordingly. For example, rooms which have a low usage can be kept at a low temperature while the ones which are more frequently used can be kept at a higher room temperature. The result is, there is no unnecessary wastage of energy and there is optimum use of energy.

 With the help of radiant floor heating you can enjoy more constant temperature when compared to the standard forced air systems. This becomes possible because the heat from the floor warms everything that it touches and circulates throughout the room from the ground till the ceiling. Besides being more comfortable radiant floor heating is a way to savings. They use lesser energy when compared to other traditional forms of energy. The savings can be really great. In fact, if you are planning to build a new home, radiant floor heating seems the best solution for you to stay comfortable during the winter months. On the other hand, if you are having an old house you can consider radiant floor heating for some parts of the house like the kitchen or the bathroom instead of the entire house.

 If you are thinking that radiant floor heating is a new concept then you are wrong because it was used by the Romans in the early days and also among the Europeans it was quite a popular concept. Radiant floor heating not only makes you more comfortable, it also helps you make savings but also it is a system of silent heating where you can do away with loud air ducts or furnaces. In addition to all these such a system proves advantageous for those with allergies because blown air reduces the chances of mites and other air allergens.

 Last but not the least, it must be noted here that there are two types of radiant floor heating. They are electronic and hydronic and both of them has their set of advantages and disadvantages both in their functionality and installation process.



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