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 You all must be aware of the fact that it is far better to pay the mechanics lesser amounts for routine services of appliances instead of paying them a huge amount when the appliance starts malfunctioning. Just like any other appliance, air conditioners also require servicing at regular intervals to keep it running at full force. It is true that air conditioners are very tough appliance and are engineered in a manner to withstand all kinds of tough situations but even then if air conditioners are not serviced properly, they lose around 5 percent efficiency every year. It has been found out that units which are serviced at regular intervals retains most of its efficiency even after quite a few years of usage.

 An air conditioner that is serviced well not only makes your internal temperature more comfortable but also it does better job in dehumidifying the home. The basic service check of an air conditioner should include the following. The cleaning of the condensing units, checking the amp draw of the compressor, oiling the fan motors, checking if the bells are well adjusted, and also the temperature and the operating pressure needs to be checked against the manufacturers specification. Another important aspect that has to be checked is the level of coolant. It is seen that systems which are low on coolant uses a lot more energy to operate.

 Here it must be noted that there are certain things that you can do all by yourself to service your air conditioner before calling in a trained technician. They are the following.

• You need to clean the air conditioner. However, before you start off any activity with your air conditioner you need to make sure that the unit is turned off.

• You need to check the small copper unit that connects the unit with the house. If it feels hot, it is likely that the coils of the unit are dirty and requires a wash.

• You need to remove all leaves and debris from the unit before you start any kind of servicing of the unit.

 • You have to remove the outside cover to locate the coils of the air conditioner. However, it is recommended to use a soft brush to remove dirt from the outside cover.

• While cleaning the outside cover you should cover the motor and the coils with a plastic cover.

• While you carry out this process, it is a good practice to refer to the manufacturer’s manual so that you can follow the instructions as per the specific model.

• Once you are done with all these steps you will have to put back the outside cover and make sure that the air conditioner is running fine.

 The next question that comes to your mind is how often an air conditioner should be serviced. The answer to this would be at least once in a year. The best would be if you can service it every six months. However, if you cannot call in a technician every six months the second servicing you can do by yourself as mentioned above.



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