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 An air conditioner unit today has become an indispensable unit of almost every household to keep the home temperature comfortable throughout the year. So, when the AC starts malfunctioning it is obvious that you tend to become tensed and try to find out quick ways to repair it. In some cases, it might be possible for you to address the problem all by yourself. However, most of the times it is seen that you need the service of an expert to take care of the problem that your air conditioner faces. It must be noted here that when you get in touch with professionals to repair your air conditioner, you need to do it with extra care. The person who comes for the service should have the necessary training to address the issues faced by an AC. Moreover, it is also important that they do not charge you exorbitantly.

 One of the reasons why it is better to call an expert professional for your AC repair service is that they have the necessary tools and accessories so they can resolve the problem with ease. Air conditioners are quite complex appliances and the ways to deal with window AC and Central air conditioner are different from one another.

 When your room air conditioner starts to malfunction you can straightaway call the mechanic. On the other hand, before you do so you can also check for yourself whether all the instructions given in the manual has been correctly followed or not. In case of a room air conditioner, you can first unplug the unit and carry it to a place where you can easily work upon it.

 As a next step you have to remove the grille and the filter by carefully unscrewing the metal case. Once this is done you can either wash the filter or replace it with a new one. You also need to clean the coil’s fins using a vacuum and a soft brush. You should also spray water to the fins from the side where the fan is located. As all these steps get done you can clean the entire unit with a piece of cloth and reassemble it.

 After you have set it up you can try switching it on and find out whether it is working fine or not. In case, it is still not functioning at a desired level there is no other option but to get in touch with an expert.

However, in case of central air conditioner carrying out a DIY repair service is almost impossible. This is because both the evaporator and the condenser is sealed and in most of the cases when a central air conditioner does not work properly, the problem lies in the distribution system. In fact, all kinds of maintenance and repair services in case of central air conditioners can only be taken up by a professional.

Last but not the least, there are certain things that you can surely do to ensure that your air conditioner runs for long without any glitch. This holds true both for room and central air conditioners.



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