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 To purchase an air conditioner can be quite a challenging task. Once you have purchased a unit of your choice the next thing that you need to be aware of is the installation process of the unit. The right kind of installation of an air conditioner is imperative because it ensures proper functionality of the system. There are some basic installation process that all homeowners need to know and at the same time choosing the right contractor is also pertinent. However, the installation process will be different from unit to the other depending on the kind of unit you purchase, the kind of HVAC contractor you choose and certainly the unique requirements of your home. It is a good idea to become familiar with the process of installation so that you can ask questions while the installation process takes place.

 It must be noted here that before you purchase an air conditioner you need to keep an account of the size of the room that you want to cool. In case, you are looking at cooling a larger space it is imperative that you buy a unit with a higher BTU. At the same time higher Energy Efficiency Rating will ensure that you save on your monthly electricity bills. Once the appliance reaches your home, you ought to select a location in your wall for its installation. It is better if the machine faces either north or south because that way the AC will not have to work very hard to fight with the sun’s heat.

 As you finalize the wall position for your AC, you must create holes there so that the air conditioner fits in perfectly. You need to use the adjustable brackets that comes in with the AC and place them both on the top and the bottom for the AC to stand firmly. The air conditioner should be properly placed inside the wall so that it does not fall off. Once the installation is complete it is a good idea to check it by switching it on for some time.

 Now let us have a look at the things that we should expect when we are hiring a HVAC contractor for the installation of an air conditioner. They are the following:

• The contractor should dispose of all materials from the existing air conditioner.

• They should have proper permits from the city where you live.

• It is mandatory that the contractor installs a new duct work or revamps the existing duct work to ensure that the AC functions properly.

 • The contractor should be in a position to choose proper position and make safe connections for the air conditioner.

• They should install a new thermostat and should charge and start the system.

• Last but not the least, they should carry out a post-installation check.

Last but not least, a piece of advice in the installation of air conditioner would be to hire a reputed HVAC contractor. This might lead to higher expense initially but in the long run you are sure to benefit.



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