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Blog Title: Two stage cooling advantages
What are the advantages to two-stage heating or cooling?
Category: Commercial Water Heaters Post By: DANIEL ANDERSON (Jacksonville, FL), 04/15/2016

The most common complaint we hear, is that one area of a house is hotter or cooler than another area. This is usually caused by poorly sized ductwork. This can only solved by costly heat load calculations and redoing your entire duct system. A more simple solution is to take advantage of two-stage heating and cooling. When you have single stage heating and cooling you are getting 100% of the heating or cooling every time the thermostat calls for it. When you have two-stage heating or cooling, the system is able to run at a lower capacity for a longer time. This enables the system to maintain an even temperature throughout the house because it is not just blasting the house with either hot or cold air.

- CATHY D (El Paso, TX), 04/20/2016
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