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Blog Title: Is it cheaper to do ductwork for central air conditioner versus buying a split air conditioner.
Is it cheaper to do ductwork for central ac or buy a new split ac?
Category: Electric Furnace Post By: GREG CURTIS (Gilford, NV), 06/20/2013

Generally, it is cheaper to get a new split air conditioner installed compared to installing duct work for central ac. The labor and material for ductwork, including the cost for central ac usually surpasses the cost to get a split ac, and install it. I mean it would make sense to do with a central ac if the ductwork is already in place, but doing it all over and on top of that buying a central ac, I personally think thats too much, especially when there are great systems such as split air conditioners.

- NATHAN SILVA (Hampton Bays, KY), 07/02/2013
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