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Blog Title: How to Keep the air in my house clean
What can I do to to keep the air in my house clean?
Category: Commercial Ac Unit Post By: BETTY THOMAS (Los Angeles, CA), 02/24/2013

The air in your house is filled with a host of bad things: dust, mold, pollen, virus, bacteria, dust mites, pet hair and dander, and spores to name a few. Standard throwaway and electrostatic filters trap only about 15% of the pollutant particles in your home’s air. The rest circulates throughout your home. The best solution that we recommends is a product made by Aprilaire called a Space-Gard. This is a media type filter and needs no electrical connections. The Space-Gard has a case that the disposable filter is put in and then attached to the furnace. The filter has to be changed once a year on average and can get as much a 95% of the pollutant particles in your home’s air. To clean the air even further, air cleaners that utilize ultraviolet light and special filters can be installed. These will clean your house to hospital standards but the price can be prohibitive.

- HECTOR BECK (San Antonio, TX), 03/30/2013
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