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Blog Title: Best type of air conditioner for commercial use
What is the best type of air conditioner recommended for commercial purposes?
Category: Through The Wall Air Conditioner Post By: CARMEN MATTHEWS (San Castle, AZ), 07/10/2013

Depending on what is the area you are trying to cool, there are various different types of air conditioners usually used for commercial purposes. For big office buildings, packaged air conditioners are usually used by installing the main condenser on the rooftop and providing a ductwork. Some commercial buildings also use big central or split air conditioners based on the number of rooms they are trying to heat/cool. Therefore, if you are looking to cool a big office building, package air conditioner, cooling a bank/restaurant/school would require a split ac or a central ac, and cooling a small office would require a portable ac or split ac.

- GLADYS SIMMONS (Palo Verde, MD), 07/12/2013
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