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Blog Title: Are PTACs only used in hotels and commercial places?
So I was looking at PTAC systems and they appear to be decent. But my friend told me that they are usually used in commercial field only. Is that true?
Category: Solar Air And Heat Pump Post By: CLARENCE RUSSELL (Honey Grove, OK), 06/29/2013

Yes, PTAC systems are big and powerful units that can heat/cool a single living space. They need to be installed on an exterior wall so as to provide an outlet for discharge. For residential use, air conditioners are usually preffered to be more interior decor friendly and are needed to be installed on a non exterior wall. Hence PTAC units are more suitable for commercial use. I would listen to your friend, eventhough PTACs are pretty good systems, there are other systems such as split ac and central air conditioners that would fit better for residential use.

- WALLACE BOWEN (San Castle, AZ), 07/01/2013
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